Steal the Style of the Boy Chanel Handbag with Zara's 'City Bag'!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Chanel Boy  Flap Handbag in Alligator
Alligator Boy Chanel flap handbag. (Autumn Winter 2013)

I'm a total labels girl, especially when it comes to handbags!! In my experience you can take a relatively simple ensemble and totally elevate it to the next level with a covetable piece of arm candy!! A good quality designer leather handbag is a true investment, however not everyone can afford the kind of prices commanded by the top luxury designer brands such as Chanel, Mulberry, Louis Vuitton, etc.

So what's a girl to do?? Well Zara it seems has come to the rescue as they have taken style cues from Chanel's iconic "Boy Chanel" range to produce a handbag with a similar feel to the "Boy" but at a fraction of the price!!!

Back in Autumn Winter 2013 Chanel launched the Alligator Boy Chanel flap handbag in black. With it's glossy exotic leather, striking clasp and chain handle, this bag was appearing on the arms of THE most stylish fashionista's, and quickly became one of the "must have" handbags of the season!

However when I was browsing the Zara website a few days back there was one bag that suddenly grabbed my attention!!! Their city bag, both in shape and detailing reminded me instantly of the Boy Chanel!! This Zara bag is made from a crocodile pattern leather, (Zara leather is always great quality) and the chain detailing and chain handle again have that Parisian feel that we all instantly associate with Chanel!!

Zara City Bag

Plus just like the Boy Chanel, the strap can also be worn long or doubled up depending on how you want to wear it! The interior also boasts two main pockets making it super easy for you to keep the contents of your handbag organised!!

The biggest difference however between these two bags is in the price!!! While you will pay thousands for the alligator Boy Chanel, the Zara is a snip at a mere £89!!!!

Top: multiple views of  Crocodile pattern leather "City Bag" with chain, from Zara; Bottom: Alligator Boy Chanel flap handbag.

So what are you waiting for?? I for one will definitely be adding this handbag to my collection!!
Click HERE to purchase the "City Bag" from Zara.

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