Michael Kors Cosmetics Arrives at House of Fraser Belfast!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Michael Kors is a brand synonymous with luxury and exquisite detail, and while us Belfast ladies have been able to shop his über stylish clothing and fabulous leather goods, (his handbags are serious covetable forms of arm candy!) his gorgeous cosmetics have so far been out of our reach........until now!!!!!

Last week I heard the fantastic news that Michael Kors was opening it's 3rd cosmetics counter in the UK & Ireland.......and guess what??? The location was to be House of Fraser, Belfast!! *squeal*!!!!

Those lovely people at Michael Kors had arranged a special press day for us bloggers and press to try out their new beauty collection, aptly named "Sporty, Sexy, Glam" a collection designed to suit every type of girl and lifestyle, the question was: Sporty, Sexy or Glam which which would I turn out to be??

Vinni who had flown in specially from their office in London talked me through the collection, introducing me to the range! Whether you're Sporty, Sexy or Glam there will be a signature fragrance, lip colour, nail lacquer and bronzer that will work for you. Rather than producing an extensive range of colours the aim was to find THE perfect shades of every woman's iconic core products so your quest for the perfect red lip, or the perfect nude nail lacquer will now be over!

The first thing I noticed about the products was their exquisite packaging, the iconic Michael Kors styling is evident in every respect, the packaging sleek and sophisticated at every turn........however I'm not a girl who believes in style over substance and I'm very pleased to report that the products themselves are every bit as fabulous as their packaging!! 

As a girl who is über pale I always find it sooo difficult to find a good bronzer for my pale skin, but the lovely Michael, the manager of the Belfast counter introduced me to the "Sexy" bronzer entitled "flush"! With it's rosy undertones it worked perfectly as a blusher swept along my cheekbones and applied and blended along my temples to perfectly sculpt my facial features!

Next up was my lips, on the day we opted to work a neutral lip, using the "Sporty" Diva lipstick and teaming it with the co-ordinating lip luster gloss Muse!! Their lipticks are especially nice, ultra moisturising they feel like silk on the lips and since attending the press day I've been wearing their totally hot "Sexy" Bombshell colour, THE most unbelievably hot red, which due to it's blue base works perfectly with my pale skin! At last I've found my perfect red!

The super sleek Michael Kors lip lacquer packaging!

My perfect red lipstick/lip lacquer in "Sexy" Bombshell!

Last but by no means least was the nail lacquers! Now if you follow me on Instagram you will know just how long my natural nails are, and the Michael Kors team had asked the ever fabulous Peter Gilroy to come down to perform manicures on all us press people!! Well with nails as long as mine Peter decided they needed to be shown of to their fullest potential and so he opted to paint them with the "Sexy" Scandal nail lacquer!! A vibrant fuchsia shade with a subtle metallic fleck, my nails have been turning heads since I had them done, and I'm very pleased to report that after nearly 6 days of wear, they still look perfect!!

My fabulous manicure!! (Nails painted using the "Sexy" Scandal nail lacquer).

Looking back at the products it would seem that I'm most definitely a Michael Kors "Sexy" girl, but if I'm honest I'd happily wear any of the nail lacquer shades, and would switch round my lip luster gloss and lip lacquer/lipstick depending on whether I'm opting for an everyday look, or a hot evening look!

I reluctantly headed home after my afternoon at Michael Kors......but my love affair with Michael Kors wasn't over.......instead it was only beginning!!

Heading home with lots of Michael Kors goodies!!

Michael Kors is now available on the cosmetics floor of House of Fraser, Belfast.

A massive thank you to Vinni from Michael Kors in London, to Michael and his team at the Belfast cosmetics counter and to Peter Gilroy for my fabulous manicure!

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