Zara dupe! Steal the Style of the Boy Chanel Handbag!

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

All us girls do love to snag ourselves a bargain, but what if you're like me and you lust after the finer things of life?

Well when it comes to handbags I'm a designer girl all the way, from Mulberry to Louis Vuitton, Chloé to Marc Jacobs, I'm lucky enough to own quite a few designer handbags, however the one label that has so far eluded me is Chanel!

While like most girls I do lust after those iconic entwined double C's I do find it increasingly difficult to justify spending so much on a single handbag, especially with Chanel's annual price increases! So what's a girl to do?? Well while I would never advocate going down the replica route, it is possible to find similar "Le Boy" styles on the high street!

You may remember my earlier post on how to steal the style of the "Le Boy" bag from Zara (click HERE to read), well it would seem that Zara have done it once again with their latest release, the microstudded leather messenger bag!

Zara's Microstudded leather messenger bag!

From it's rounded leather piping, to the ruthenium plated style hardware, there are many traits of Zara's microstudded bag that are reminiscent of Chanel's "Le Boy"! However best of all is that the strap is designed in much the same way as the Boy, with a leather strap in the middle of a chain handle for comfort wear, while it loops through two D rings on either side meaning the bag can be worn in a multitude of ways, exactly like it's "Le Boy" counterpart!

Another major selling point is in the composition of the Zara bag, while it may not be made of Chanel's sought after lambskin leather, the Zara version is genuine leather, with it's exterior made from leather and the inside flap lined with suede! Not bad for a high street handbag!

Last but by no means least we come to the price! While the braided lambskin Boy Chanel flap bag from Chanel's Cruise 2014/15 collection will set you back a cool £3,490 (click HERE for more details) the Zara alternative is a steal at only £89.99!!! (Click HERE to purchase).

Above: Braided lambskin Boy Chanel flap bag £3,490.
Below: Zara microstudded leather messenger bag £89.99.

So what are you waiting for? If Zara's other take on Chanel's most sought after "Le Boy" was anything to go by this bag will sell out in no time (in fact I just snagged the last one in the Belfast store today!) so if you want to channel a little "Le Boy" styling into your look pick up this fab little bag now before it sells out!

The latest addition to my handbag collection, Zara's microstudded leather messenger bag!

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