Say Hello To & Other Stories!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

I always love it when I see a new brand coming to Ireland, and when I heard the good news that & Other Stories was launching in Dublin I couldn't wait to check it out!!! The brand is synonymous with attention to detail, with their creative Atelier's focusing on creating a cohesive collection of core “must have” pieces season after season. The brand has always had that cool girl vibe, and I love the effortless and stylish feel to their collections, which are classic but yet still retain a contemporary look.

For anyone who isn't already familiar with the brand, & Other Stories was launched in March 2013, and their fashion and beauty collections are designed by their Ateliers in Paris and Stockholm. They pride themselves on their attention to detail and great quality at affordable price points, all things which I love to hear when it comes to fashion!

When I heard the news that they were launching their first Irish store in Grafton Street Dublin, I was so excited to find out more, and to explore the new store for myself, however due to unforeseen circumstances I had to miss the exclusive preview launch party! Sob!

However thanks to their lovely PR team I do have lots of photos of the new store to share with you as well as all the info on what you can expect from & Other Stories which officially opened in Grafton Street, Dublin on Friday December 9th!

With a location of approximately 650 square metres, and covering three floors, customers will be able to browse through an extensive collection which includes ready-to-wear, accessories, bags, jewellery and beauty products! Having browsed through the website myself I already have my own wishlist, including a few handbags, a couple of their rigid cuff bangles (which come in a XS/S size, perfect for petite gals like me!) and these orangey red cut-out suede sandalette’s (pictured on the table far right)!

Their beauty section consists of a broad spectrum of products, from make up, bath and body and even scented candles, while their accessories line covers everything from bags and purses to hats and gloves and even my beloved handbag charms!!! (I really love all the tassel and Pom Pom handbag charms!)

Speaking to Samuel Fernström, Managing Director of & Other Stories: “We’re very happy to reach Dublin, and find new inspiration from the innovative and creative atmosphere here. We feel right at home already and can’t wait to get to know more of our Irish fashion-loving customer,”.

From my perspective as a fashion blogger it’s so nice to see a brand like & Other Stories wanting to establish roots in Ireland. All too often I have found myself getting frustrated at the lack of more contemporary high street brands in Ireland, so it's great to see brands like COS & Other Stories entering the Irish High Street, long may it continue!

The much-awaited three floor store resides on 26-27 Grafton Street right in the midst of Dublin’s busiest shopping area. However for those of us who live in the North and may find it harder to make it down to Dublin, you can still shop online at!

Fingers crossed I will get the opportunity to check out the store in person very soon, and I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Rebecca and Paris for their invite to attend the launch party and for all the imagery for this post!

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