Very "Saut After" Indeed ........!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Miss Elle Woods woke up on a wet and windy morning to a very exciting message........a brand new clothing label, "Saut After" were getting ready for their launch & I was lucky enough to be invited behind the scenes of their first major photoshoot showcasing this fledging new label!!

Of course I couldn't say no and so I found myself travelling down to the Oh Yeah Centre in the heart of Belfast's Cathedral Quarter to find out more about this brand, it's designer & the creative direction the photoshoot was taking under the expert eye of the 4Fashion Team & Creative Director Connor Kerr!

The first thing which really struck me about the label's designer; Ross "Roscoe" Watson was how aware he was about his own personal sense of style & how he wanted to communicate his love of music & fashion through the clothes he wore. His street style maybe polls apart from my own personal style, but I could definitely relate to Ross' passion & love for expressing himself through clothes & his love of unique design!

Hard to believe that at only 21, this Belfast based DJ has not only set up his own UK based independent clothing label, but has fast become a player on the competitive underground fashion and music scene this early on.....his website, still under construction has already amassed over 7,000 hits already, perfectly illustrating how great the demand is already for his label!

Ross is typical of his age, a guy who believes his clothes should make a statement without looking as if he's tried too hard. He loves the effortless style of art t-shirts, tanks and sweat shirts all of which make up the core of his urban design label. The birth of Saut After began at his fustration at trying to find affordable, good quality clothes that were individual rather than mainstream. What's the point in spending a fortune on clothes that everyone else is wearing?
This lead Ross to create his own pieces and it wasn't long until he had people wanting to know where he was getting them!

His design ethos is to create a range of clothing with an urban edge, typical student style that can be thrown on in the morning to go to the shops or styled up at night to hit the clubs.
It's all about taking simple designs and giving them an individual edge, a look which makes a statement but isn't trying too hard. Street style stenciling & graffiti are mixed in with classic script writing maintaining a high end luxe feel to the looks.

When talking to him about his favourite designs Ross said :
"I have to say I love the Saut-After classic t shirts and vests .... These designs were the first ever designs I made even before I knew what Saut-After was to become so I think I will always hold them quite close! We plan to stock the classic range every season Along with an ever changing range Of other products .... For example this seasons new stock includes 'JACK KILLS' , 'Dicky Mouse' and our controversial 'DYPM' tee"

For Ross the way he dresses is an intrical part of his lifestyle, his tastes and interests are directly influence in his designs and he's regulary spotted sporting his design's whilst he DJ's at Rain Nightclub. In fact the name "Saut After" was originally conceived as his DJ name, but it wasn't long until Ross realised it was the perfect name to describe what he want's to achieve for his label, creating designs that young people want to be seen in!

Ross' outlook is far reaching, with hopes that once fully established in N. Ireland Saut After will become known throughout the UK and further afield. With it's roots in urban style and the underground music scene he would love to eventually see his apparel featured in music videos and worn by stars such as Rita Ora and Tinie Tempah.

When talking about his celebrity influences, Ross says "Saut-After's range is designed to suit such a wide range of young people but if I had to name it I would say the like of Pharrel Williams for some of his Billionaire Boys Club designs, Rita Ora for her over ll street style and Tinie Tempah again for his over style and because he an artist at the moment that is doing a lot for fresh uk design and music talent too."

Watching the 4Fashion Team at work during the photoshoot under creative director Connor Kerr it was clear to see how much everyone cound identify with the clothes, creating a unified look for Saut After's first major photoshoot!!

Great things are ahead for Ross & his label "Saut After" and I feel privilaged to have had a sneak peek at the begining of it all!
Follow Saut After on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well as checking out the website at:

All Behind the Scene's photographs taken by Hannah McKeown (excluding Instagram photographs taken by myself)

Massive Thanks to Ross (Roscoe) Watson as well as the entire creative team:
Music Photographer: Carrie Davenport
Make Up Artist: Emma McConville
Fashion Hair Stylist: Connor Kerr
Creative Direction: 4Fashion Events
Models: Ryan Calderwood, Kat Kirk and Anna Holmes

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