Don't despair, smaller sized bracelets for those with petite wrists!!

Sunday, May 04, 2014

I'm a girl who loves her jewellery, especially bracelets and bangles!!!! A day doesn't go past that I won't have at least one bracelet, bangle or cuff dangling elegantly from my wrist........however building up this collection of covetable "arm candy" hasn't been easy.........

I'm a petite girl, from my size 35.5 feet to the top of my tiny head, every part of me is teeny tiny and as a result when the jewellery industry only produces "standard" sizing for ladies wrist wear, consumers such as myself are unfortunately left out in the cold!

Depending on the design, it may be possible to have a bracelet/bangle altered to fit but not only can this be a costly thing to do (as not all jewellers will include this service for free when purchasing) but there are many designs that are impossible to alter, meaning..........tough luck girls you can't buy it!! *sob*.

So what's a girl to do? Well you may not realise it, but there are many jewellery brands that realise that us ladies come in all shapes and sizes and offer many of their bracelets and bangles in a variety of sizes for both petite and larger wrists! While some brands have little interest in selling to those of us who don't fit into the "standard" sizing (18cm-19cm), there has been an increase in the number of top brands who choose to release many of their designs in a variety of sizes, accommodating everyone! No longer do you have to do without, or wait for a piece to be altered, instead you can just walk in and buy the size that is right for you!!

Below are just a few of my favorite brands who offer multiple sizes in their wrist wear, so my advice to my fellow petite ladies.......don't just accept that bracelets & bangles are not open to you as there is a myriad of choice from some of the top brands!! Happy Shopping ladies!!

Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany's are amazing, full stop!!! Having bought from their Old Bond Street store in London I can confirm that their customer service is second to none! If a bracelet can be altered to fit, they are more than happy to do it for you, and thankfully now many of their most popular designs are now available in various sizes, which can be ordered online/by phone/or bought directly instore!! What's not to love!!!!!

Tiffany & Co. Wire Bracelet (5.75-6.75 inches).
Shop HERE.

Return To Tiffany Heart Tag Bracelet (6-7 inches).
Shop HERE.

Tiffany & Co. Locks narrow Bangle with Diamonds (5.75-6.75 inches).
Shop HERE.

Return To Tiffany Mini Heart Lock Bead Bracelet (6.5-7.5 inches).
Shop HERE.

Links of London.
Links of London don't offer all of their designs in a multitude of sizes, but they do have some designs that will fit us petite ladies!! Their "Friendship" style bracelets are fully adjustable meaning they will fit a wide range of wrist sizes, while their "Sweetie" bracelets are strung on elastic and also come in three sizes (from 150mm-170mm) meaning they should suit most wrist sizes! However if you find the three S/M/L sizes to be too big or too small Links stores offer a re-stringing service whereby sweetie "rings" can be both added or taken away to custom fit the bracelet to the size you require!

Links of London Sweetie Bracelet (150mm-170mm).
Shop HERE.

Pandora has proven to be a hugely popular brand in recent years and ever since I can remember they have offered their bead carrier bangles and bracelets in a variety of styles and sizes, meaning that even those of us with the tiniest of wrists can still enjoy the joy of collecting their fabulous charms!

Pandora "Moments" Charm Bracelet. (16cms to 21cms).
Shop HERE.

I love Gucci!! Not only do I have a Gucci watch, but I've been lucky enough to collect up quite a few of their stunning sterling silver jewellery pieces! Like Tiffany & Co. they're another brand who offer their silver bracelets in a wide range of sizes, making it easy for those of us who don't have a standard wrist measurement to purchase their designs!! (Word of caution, I have been in some jewellers who stock Gucci who have argued with me that Gucci bracelets don't come in different sizes. So if you are told this my advice to you is order direct from the Gucci website as they do offer a multitude of sizes!)

Gucci Bracelet with Boucle Chain. (16cms-20cms).
Shop HERE.

Gucci Bracelet with Gucci Trademark engraved Heart. (15cms-18cms).
Shop HERE.

Gucci Bracelet with interlocking G Motif Charm. (15cms-21cms).
Shop HERE.

Thomas Belfast.
Last but my no means least, I just had to include independent jewellers, Thomas Belfast!! Again this is a store that prides itself in providing first class customer service! Owner Tamsin Blackbourn and her fantastic team will do all that they can to accommodate their customer. They stock a variety of designer brands and if you see something you like they will endeavour to order it in the right size for you if they don't have it instore!

However if the item doesn't come in the right size for you, Tamsin will do her best to alter it wherever possible in her own workshop! Tamsin also designs her own jewellery collection, using stunning pearls and semi precious gems to create truly beautiful designs! So if there's a bracelet you like from her range she can recreate it in any size for you, and better still you can even commission her to produce one-off, bespoke creations perfectly suited to whatever size or style you want! *major swoon*!!!

The "Chaos" bracelet that Tamsin kindly altered for me!

Thomas Belfast: 54 Upper Arthur Street, Belfast; or shop online HERE.

So my advice to all my readers is don't accept that wrist wear is only produced for "standard" sized wrists and support the brands who make the effort to accommodate us ladies who don't fit into the "standard" mould!!

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