VIP Blogger Night at Inglot Belfast!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Well when I was a just a little girl I loved going to the toy store, upon entering my eyes would light up at all the fabulous toys that greated that i've grown up I might not play with toys any more, but put me at a make up counter & i'm just like a kid in a candy store!!
So when I found out that I had been invited to the Special VIP Blogger Event at Inglot I was sooooo excited!!!

For anyone who doesn't know what Inglot is, they're a make up brand that's been established for over 25 years which prides itself on producing high quality products at fair and reasonable prices! Inglot is my idea of heaven, like a rainbow of colour there really is something in their product range to suit everyone, and thanks to their "Freedom System" you are able to pick exactly what colours suit you, building up a palette of eye shadows, blushes, etc. perfectly matched to your needs!!

The evening began as all good evenings do.......over a chilled glass of bubbly & witty chatter with my fellow bloggers, then the fabulous Nicky Whitten, a true genius & artist with a make up brush talked us through the lastet trends in this seasons make up at Inglot! Firstly a treat for my nails, five metallic nail polishes ranging from silver, gold's and bronze right through to a stunning rose gold colour. Perfect for the upcoming party season and I was extremely pleased to discover one of them, the (223) Gold colour was in my goodie bag!!!

Hanging out with fellow Blogger & good friend, Hannah Goodhall (The F.M.L Blog)!!

 Next was a talkthrough on Inglot's latest rainbow eyeshadow colours! Each shadow will feature a colour hue split into three complimenting shades, meaning you no longer have to try to match up colours to create that perfect eye! These new editions all have a subtle glitter sheen, and in 10 fantastic shades, what's not to love??? I was also very happy to learn that Inglot don't do "limited edition" ranges, so any products released will end up in their core range! Never again will I find myself having to stockpile fabulous Christmas ranges before they are discontinued!!

"Freedom System" Rainbow Pallette Colour 122 (gold/caramel/coffee hues) & Colour 126 (dusky pink/lilac/purple).

Now came the best part, as I was lucky enough to be choosen to act as one of Nicky's demonstration models for the night!! Usually i'm a little wary of having my make up applied as i'm a bit of a control freak (same goes with my hair, i've had the same stylist for the past 10yrs!!) But having seen Nicky's amazing work on model's, celebrities, etc. I was tres excited to see the look he would create for me!!
Not only did Nicky make me giggle throughout with his witty banter, but by the end of his demonstration I couldn't believe the transformation.....I had glowing skin, sculpted cheekbones, kissable lips, perfectly arched eyebrows and a dramatic smoky eye with expertly applied eyeliner.....I was sooo ready for a night out on the town!!!!!!!

My new look with the amazingly talented Nicky Whitten!!!

 Of course the fun didn't stop there, as we were all let loose on the store, trying out the products to our hearts content!! I ended up with two stunning nail polishes, a red glitter polish (colour 345) and a top coat containing opal like foil pieces (colour 203). I also bought myself the nail polish correcter pen, this is a must-have product for anyone who does mani/pedi at home! Essentially it allows you to correct any mistakes you've done so you end up with the perfect manicure! Essential for someone with long nails like mine!!

Last but by no means least, we all received the most amazing goodie bags containing a metallic nail polish from the new range (223), a sleeks cream lip paint (103) AMC Eyeshadow (61), a fabulous dark navy eyeshadow with blue glitter, YSM cream foundation samples (50) and best of all we got to choose two of the brand new eyeshadows from the Rainbow Palette!! So I went with the two Nicky had used on me: Colour 122 (gold/caramel/coffee hues) & Colour 126 (dusky pink/lilac/purple).

Massive thanks to Nicky Whitten and all the staff at Inglot Belfast for a wonderful evening!! I cannot recommend Inglot products or their fantastic staff highly enough so next time you're in Belfast head down to Victoria Square and check them out!!! Inglot Belfast on Facebook

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  1. Replies
    1. Inglot Belfast certainly hosted a wonderful event for all us bloggers, and their products are fabulous! Glad you enjoyed the post David!

  2. Love it. I only hope I can be as lucky to be invited to the next one. :)

  3. inglot has now become a trust brand world wide so you can buy any of these products with full of confidence, i myslef personally use eyelashes product by this brand