Outfit Post: What I Wore to Belsonic Music Festival: Basement Jaxx!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The other week I was given the opportunity to hear the amazing Basement Jaxx perform live at the Belsonic music festival! (All down to the fabulous www.nigossipguy.com) To say that I was excited was a MASSIVE understatement!!!

As someone who spent many of her formative years listening to Basement Jaxx I couldn't wait to be dancing the night away to such classics as "Where's Your Head At" and "Good Luck", however as it was an outdoor festival I did find myself wondering "whatever am I going to I wear???"

Let me begin by saying I don't do casual........ever! I don't own trainers, or really any practical flat footwear for that matter and I haven't a clue how to dress casually! My default mode is to dress up, ask me to a cocktail party and I will have a list of outfit options as long as your arm, but when it comes to casual, I'm a bit of a fish out of water!

I was pleased to hear it was being held in Belfast's paved Custom House Square, so I didn't have to worry about mud! However I was aware of the fact that I would be on my feet for a good few hours, and could end up splashed by beer (or other less pleasant liquids!) So my ensemble had to be somewhat practical (and machine washable)!

A few years ago when we had our heavy snowfalls I invested in a pair of high heeled hiking style boots from Dune! Super cute and every bit as high as my usual footwear, they seemed to be a good place to start for my outfit! Incase it turned chilly I figured trousers would be better than a skirt, and while I considered wearing leggings I instead settled on a pair of skinny grey jeans from Zara (one of two pairs of jeans I own! The other is from my beloved Karen Millen!). With their side zip detailing and super skinny fit, they helped maintain a casual but sleek silhouette! When it came to my top I opted for a vintage Chinese influenced print top which has been in my wardrobe for at least 10 years, but still looks great! Plus in next season's winter pink colour, I knew I was staying a step ahead in the style stakes!

However I still felt the outfit was too casual, and needed a bit of "The Real Elle Woods" magic!! So it was time to raid my accessories closet to see what I could come up with!!
I figured it was about time I added a few designer labels to my look so I opted for my vintage Mulberry "Congo" leather saddle style handbag! This bag could be draped over my shoulder or across the body making it an über practical style, plus as one of my first designer handbags, and a treasured part of my collection, I couldn't wait to use it again!

I then focused on making pink the dominant colour, and paired it with my gorgeous Balenciaga giant gold cuff in colour Rose Corail lambskin leather! With it's giant gold textured studs it was perfect for a girly rock chick look! Last but certainly not least I wore a beautiful floral scarf which had been a birthday present from my good friend Belinda a few years ago!!

Wearing vintage Chinese style printed cotton top, grey skinny jeans from Zara, paired with floral scarf (birthday present from my friend Belinda), Mulberry "Congo" leather saddle style handbag, Balenciaga giant gold cuff in colour Rose Corail lambskin leather & Dune "Taurus" high heeled hiking style boot!

With my outfit sorted all that was left for me to do was to head off to Belsonic and party the night away!!! The night lived up to all my expectations, playing all the classics such as "Romeo" and "Red Alert"! However they saved the best till last with the audience going wild at their finalé song "Where's Your Head At"!!!

I had a truly amazing time, and massive thanks again to NI Gossip Guy, as always it was a privilege to represent him at the event!!

Hope you enjoy checking out my outfit pics and looking at my photos from the concert itself!

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