An enchanting look at the Captivating Designs of Barry Devine!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

London, New York, Milan and Paris......the fashion capitals of the world, however that's not to say that Belfast doesn't have it's place on the fashion map! Over the last few years, there's been an emerging fashion scene within Northern Ireland that has produced some incredibly talented up and coming fashion designers. As a fashion blogger I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to see some of these amazing creations on the catwalk, as well as having the opportunity to meet some of these incredibly talented individuals!

Over the coming months I shall be doing a series of special features on my blog showcasing the designs of some of our best and brightest designers! Today's blog is showcasing the talents of Bridal and Evening Wear designer Barry Devine!

The first time I saw Barry's creations was at the Unify Fashion Showcase this year at Stormont, Parliament Bulidings (read about it HERE) and I was extremely impressed with his designs! Beautiful, girly creations cut to accentuate the body creating effortless chic silhouettes, there was an air of "Old Hollywood Glamour" about his designs that I loved!

It was therefore very excited to hear about a very special shoot planned by photographer Glen McAuley and Barry Devine to showcase some of his stunning creations!

The shoot was devised to capture the mood and feel of Barry's design aesthetic, a visual story communicating the romanticised feel of Barry's beautiful wedding gowns. A carefree and natural feel to each photograph, each picture evokes girly romanticism and undeniable chemistry in a series of stunning backdrops!

From a wonderful vintage convertible Beetle, to the lush woodland backdrop and period buildings, each look has been perfectly captured in all it's whimsical allure! From the models hair and make up to Barry's dresses, each image captured within Glen's lens perfectly showcases his stunning designs!

Barry designs are that perfect mix of classic simplicity brought to life through exquisite detailing: the perfect strapless bodice, a diamanté buckle strategically placed, antique burnished gold lace, feathers or luxurious pearls encircling the waist. It's all these details that elevate his classic silhouettes to a whole other level!

When it comes to evening wear he dances the line between effortlessly chic dresses and more edgy separates like his fabulous satin palazzo pants, shown here with a classic white shirt!

The overall feel from the shoot is one which I believe perfectly captures Barry's flare for creating stunning bridal and evening wear and I for one cannot wait to see what he comes up with next in the forthcoming seasons!

Here are just a few more of some of my favourite shots from the shoot, I hope you enjoy checking them out as much as I did!

For anyone wishing to contact Barry Devine about his designs you can find him on Facebook:

Massive thanks to Glen McAuley for providing me with all imagery. For more information on Glen's work please visit his website:

Last but by no means least I have to congratulate the whole creative team behind the shoot, who have come together to produce some stunning shots!!

Clothes designed by Barry Devine.
Photographer: Glen McAuley.
Ellen Lundy
Kristen O'Malley
Sarah Farrell
Nic Waters.
MUA: Tracie Smyth.
Hair: Kristen O'Malley.
Tanya Carson/Jimmy Carleton of Carleton Classic Cars.

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