Attending the launch of GloWorm Drinks at Galgorm Resort & Spa's new River Room Conservatory!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

I'm a girl who loves her cocktails, in fact all my followers on Instagram will be well used to seeing all my cocktail photos! While I may not be an expert in the field of mixology I do however consider myself to be a bit of a cocktail connoisseur and I'm always on the lookout for something new to excite my taste buds!
Which was why I was extremely excited when GloWorm Drinks invited me along to the luxurious surroundings of Galgorm Resort & Spa to the launch party of Galorm's new River Room Conservatory to try GloWorm Drinks unique premium mixers!

Finding the perfect balance of flavours within a cocktail recipe is every bit as important as it is in any food recipe, if not more so when it comes to cocktails. A mixologist is looking for that perfect blend of flavours that not only compliment each other, but also contain a variety of flavour notes that will develop as you drink it creating something truly different and unique for the cocktail connoisseur!
It is with that concept in mind that GloWorm Drinks was born! A range of exciting and invigorating mixers designed to be used with select premium spirits to create new and unexpected flavour infusions! The range comprises of four premium mixers: Raspberry & Orris, Cucumber & Apple, Pear, Spice & Lime and Ginger & Lemongrass, and at the launch event I was able to sample all four mixers in a variety of delicious cocktails!

Raspberry & Orris is a lively fusion of fresh raspberry flavour, enhanced with notes of orris from the iris flower, giving Gloworm a delicate floral twist that’s vibrant with vodka.
Cucumber & Apple is a scintillating union of crisp, green apple flavour, balanced with essence of freshly-sliced cucumber. Delicious with gin.
Pear, Spice & Lime is a spirited blend of sweet pear and ginger flavours, with a touch of warm spice. Rounded off with essence of lime. Rum is its rightful partner.
Ginger & Lemongrass is a quirky mix of spicy ginger extract and the subtle flavour of lemongrass. Enchanted with essence of lime it’s a perfect companion with bourbon.

At the launch I had the opportunity to talk at length to their chief mixologist and also to the lovely Richard Porter of GloWorm Drinks to learn more about the choice of flavours in each of the mixers and how those flavours work and develop with the premium spirits they are mixed with! As someone who loves her cocktails I must confess I was totally in my element, and it was so interesting to hear in words how the flavours I was tasting were working and developing with each other!

Newspaper cutting from the County Antrim Post of myself with Richard Porter from GloWorm Drinks.

I can honestly say that every cocktail I tasted at the event was utterly delicious and I look forward to the next time I am able to have some cocktails mixed with GloWorm premium mixers! At a time when every bar across the land can mix up a basic cocktail it was such a pleasure to taste such well made cocktails, which really did live up to their promise to deliver something new and different!

Enjoying one of the fabulous cocktails made with GloWorm Premium Mixers! Both photographs by Darren Kidd/PressEye. 

The launch event was so much fun, Galgorm Resort & Spa is such a fabulously luxurious resort but with the recent addition of their new "River Room Conservatory" they now offer a beautiful place to sit, relax and enjoy a mouth watering cocktail!! The evening was a heady mix of delicious cocktails, delectable canapés and the chance to meet and mingle with friends and new acquaintances! It was a hugely enjoyable event and I look forward to returning again to indulge in a few cocktails in Galgorm's stunning new conservatory!
Galgorm Reaort & Spa's new River Room Conservatory!

The stunning Chandelier in the River Room Conservatory! 

Cocktails and fizz at the ready in Galgorm's River Room Conservatory!

For more infomation about GloWorm Drinks you can find them at follow them on: FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

Massive thanks to GloWorm Drinks and to Emily Booth & Claire Anderson at Propaganda UK for my invitation to attend the launch!
Drink responsibly visit for all the facts.

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