AW '12 Trend Report........What i'm wearing!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

There's nothing I enjoy more than the changing of seasons as this brings forth with it the new season collections!! As these new trends start to filter on to the rails of my favourite boutiques i'm like a kid in a candy store mesmerized by all the new colours, textures and designs!!!

However if there's one thing i've learned about fashion & personal style over the yrs is that the key to looking good is "To thine own self be true!" Strange to be quoting Shakespeare in a fashion blog I know, but it's paramount when it comes to developing your own style asthetic!

Just think of the most stylish women in history......the likes of Audrey Hepburn or Coco Chanel, they wore the clothes they loved & the styles they felt most comfortable in....clothes that reflected who they were! It wasn't about having the latest "IT" Bag or following the flock, they wore what they loved, and we love them for it!!

So you may say if that's how I feel then why did I begin by saying how much I love the trends......
Well the thing about trends is they're not law, merely guidelines to what's hot right now, so instead of being a slave, pick out the one's which work best with your own individual style and put your own unique twist on them!!!
It's all about adopting the trends which work with your body type, lifestyle and personal style!!

I love being well groomed, chic &'s all about the glossy finish of New York style or the effortless glamour epitomized by Italian women for me!!

Dressing down or God forbid "Casual looks" just aren't in my fashion vocabulary!! So I rarely adopt all the latest looks......when I hear that the latest trends are the "boyfriend" look or the "BoHo, peasant" look made famous by the beautiful Sienna Millar I run for the hills!!

So what trends am I loving from this upcoming season I hear you ask? Well.......
The buzz words for me have been leather & fur, opulence & jewelled tones! Even my favourite colour purple has been taking over the catwalks from Christopher Kane to Lanvin!!

While even I can be accused of falling back on my fail safe my case it would be the uber fitted pencil dresses of Roland Mouret/Victoria Beckham or Herve Leger style bandage dresses! I do enjoy flirting with new looks, and expressing other sides of my personality!!

I for one adored the sexy but sophisticated looks that Tom Ford created during his time at Gucci, and it's been with this in mind that i've adopted this season's black leather & fur trends which dominated at the catwalks of Dior & Fendi this season!!

So when I was lucky enough to attend Victoria Square's AMAZING "Style Soiree" AW '12 Catwalk show I opted for Fur, Black Leather & Optical Prints!!

As i'm on the petite side I kept my fur jacket quite short & fitted, so I wasn't adding too much bulk to my tiny frame whilst the black leather belt cinched in my waist!
I balanced the look with a pair of skintight vintage leather trousers to show off my legs & a Karen Millen mirror print cardigan! I then carried over the teal hues of the cardigan into my accessories with my Marc Jacobs "Lou" Handbag & Links of London Bracelet to bring the look together!

I guess I managed to carry off the look as the ever fabulous Katrina Doran of Sugahfix (the go to website for the style conscious in N. Ireland) Style Spotted me at the event!!!! Plus my picture (with the stunning Hannah Goodall of The F.M.L. Blog) even made it into the Oct edition of "IN" Magazine!!

"Style Soiree Article" From Oct Edition of "IN" Magazine, Pictured with Hannah Goodall; Photograph by Kelvin Boyes.

Style Spotter at Style Soiree Article on; Photograph by Ruairi Drayne

My Links of London Sweetie Bracelets!

My Marc Jacobs Handbag!!

Another benefit with trends is that it can give you the confidence to try new things!!
Last season I found myself becoming seduced by the peplum trend, which works so well with the fitted pencil skirt dresses I already love so much! Thankfully if the catwalks of Lanvin & Dior are to go by, this trend is equally as big for AW '12!
I know for most women the thought of adding more volume to their hips is scary, but I figured last season if Marc Jacobs was embracing the trend at Louis Vuitton then it was definitely worth investigating!

For my petite frame I found it worked an absolute dream!!
A high peplum shows off my tiny waist, whilst drawing the eyes upwards giving me the illusion of longer legs as well as giving some curves at my hips, creating an enviable "Jessica Rabbit" Style figure!
This was one trend I am so glad I tried & one i'm definitely sporting for AW '12!!!

Here are some photographs of me showing off the pepulm trend, very kindly taken by Stephen Potter!!

So I guess my advice is when it comes to trends, have fun with them!!! It's great to experiment with new trends & mix things up......but it should never be at the expense to your own personal style!

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  1. Another fab blog! You look stunning in the pics. Gina x

    1. Thank you Gina!! I'm so happy that you've enjoyed my posts so far & massive thanks for all your support!!
      I had such a good time posing for for Stephen when he took his photos, he did such an amazing job!! :) xx