Stylish Snakeskin!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I've had a love affair with handbags all my life, especially those made of expensive exotic leathers! My collection consists of crocodile bags such as my one from Mulberry, and ostrich leather's like my stunning blue ostrich bag from Karen Millen, however in this post i'm concentrating on snakeskin!!! These days there are so many styles of bags out there that it can be hard to find one that stand’s out in the crowd, however adding an exotic leather can turn a relatively simple bag into something truly special!!

Not only do I have snakeskin purses, bags, shoes and even belts, but this season I branched out and even bought a red/brown snake print dress from Karen Millen!!!

Karen Millen always produce amazing prints and this season they did snakeskin in a big way, not only in their accessories, but also in their clothes and I found myself falling hard for their red snakeskin dress (DP090). I loved the folded detailing at the neckline, mirrored also in it's folded ruching detail at the waist, creating a Jessica Rabbit style hourglass figure! Also their clever placement of the pattern diagonally helps to elongate the body, whilst narrowing the waist, creating the perfect elegant silhouette!! I wore this dress to the Launch Party of top fashion photographer, Khara Pringle's Photo Studio & award winning make up artist Paddy McGurgan's Pro Shop, and was even style spotted by!!

Wearing Karen Millen red snakeskin dress (DP090), Jasper Conran Ostrich leather bag: Photograph taken by Stephen Potter.

Style Spotted by Sugahfix.come, click here to view article.

One of the reasons why I love snakeskin is it's play on texture, taking a relatively classic bag shape and elevating it to the next level such as my ZA snakeskin bag with gold chain hardware. This bag is pure luxury, with suede lining and multiple sections, helping to keep the contents of your bag  in order! Even though it's a classic shape a la Chanel 2:55, the choice of snakeskin gives the bag a luxurious feel, a really great piece of “arm candy”!!

ZA Snakeskin bag with suede lining.

However I do love something different, and one of the treatments that can be used on snakeskin is to give it a metallic finish! A few years ago my aunt brought me the cutest purse home from her holiday in Italy! This time the snakeskin is in hues of electric blue and gold, perfectly sized to fit in an evening bag! I can honestly say this little purse is always noticed when it comes out of my bag during a successful day's shopping or a fun night out for dinner and cocktails!!
Of course regular readers will know my favourite brand is Karen Millen, and so it is with great affection that I now talk about my first ever handbag I purchased from them in 2005!! A blush pink/bronze metallic snakeskin evening bag, with silver chain handle & lacing details up the sides, finished with bows! Even though i've had it for 7years, I still use it to this day and I just love how the light plays off the snakeskin's metallic finish, as in daytime it’s a girly blush, but in the evening dusk a dark and mysterious bronze!! Just fabulous!!

Karen Millen Snakeskin chain handle bag (GV017).

Like most women who go out Christmas shopping, this time last year I found myself exhausted from walking round all the stores and I ended up resting my weary feet in Dune whilst trying on a few shoes! Here I found a STUNNING pair of green metallic snakeskin skyscraper heeled platform sandals! Some may think these to be impractical, but even my everyday boots have 5inch heels, so these sandals were a "must have" for me and have probably been my most worn shoes on nights out this year!

Dune "Gable D" Snakeskin platform sandals.

Karen Millen also produced amazing green snakeskin accessories last A/W in the form of sandals, bags and even a belt! I found I couldn't resist and ended up buying the belt & clutch bag which were great investments as i've styled them in so many ways! A LBD, a monochrome floral peplum dress and a stunning neon foral party dress are just some of the clothes i've paired them with!! The pop of green works so well at lifting the most simple of looks, but it's the snakeskin finish which makes them so eye catching!! Proof indeed of how important accessories are when it comes to creating a show stopping look!!

Karen Millen Snake print jean belt (IM040) & Karen Millen Snake print envelope clutch (GM208).

Wearing the Karen Millen snake print belt (IM040) & Dune "Gable D" sandals; Photograph taken by Stephen Potter.

Karen Millen snake print belt (IM040); Photograph by Stephen Potter.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about all my fab snakeskin pieces and it has inspired you to go out and try it for yourself!!!

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  1. Love your ZA handbag and purse! So stylish! Gina x

    1. It's such a lovely bag Gina, it's lining is suede! I'll definitely be using it more in 2013 & I couldn't have been more pleased when I opened my Aunt's present to discover that purse!! She chose very well! :) x