New Year, New You!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

So I don't know about you but I hate January! After all the fab parties and Fashion Events over the past few months I feel in January it's like going cold turkey, with very little going on!! So why not take the bull by the horns and make January a month to remember!! Most of us begin the year with New Years Resolutions that we've little hope of sticking to, so why not make a change which: 1. you will keep; and 2. start the year of with a bang by doing something really fabulous!!!

The extremely talented Paddy McGurgan!

Well some of you may not be aware, but here in N. Ireland we have one of THE best professional Make up Artist's: Professional Make Up Artist of the Year Paddy McGurgan, who throughout his career has won numerous awards and accolades. Anyone who has lusted after the fabulous make up looks created on the West Coast Cooler Belfast FASHIONWEEK Catwalk, well this is the man behind them!! Paddy's product knowledge as well as his expertise is second to none, with his make up case a treasure trove of products most of us mere mortals will never have heard of, or had access to.......
Well no more, as this genius with a make up brush has opened his very own "Make Up Pro" store in Belfast's Royal Avenue!! I was lucky enough to be invited along to the special launch party/preview of his store back in November and honestly I was blown away with the array of products available!

For the first time in N. Ireland, we the public have access to some of the best and most innovative professional make up brands out there, brands which Paddy himself uses, on his many high profile clients!! Not only does his store boast an eye shadow bar sporting more than 40 wearable colours, but also stocks American pharmaceutical skin care brand Embryolisse, tanning products from Au Courant, colour products by Make up Atelier and T.LeClerc and skincare brand BalanceMe, to name but a few!

Well this January got me thinking......many of us are guilty of falling into make up and skincare ruts, ploughing on using the same "safe" products which have become our old friends! So how about taking the bull by the horns and making a change this Year?

We all look at models and celebrities alike & wish our make up could look as flawless, well this is your chance! Why not head down to Paddy McGurgan's Make Up Pro Store and give your make up & skincare routine a welcome revamp!!

Paddy's stunning models at the launch night party!

Not only will you have access to many professional brands which were previously unavailable in N. Ireland, but Paddy's staff are all trained Make Up Artists who can provide expert advice on what products you should be using!

So why not nip in store and check it out and make this New Year the birth of a New You!!
Not only can you purchase items, you can also book in to have your make up expertly applied, or if you really want a treat, why not book in for "Face Forward", the ultimate makeover package which not only aims to make people look good but feel good too! This also includes the opportunity to by photographed by multi-award winning photographer Khara Pringle (responsible for many of the NI fashion campaigns we see around the province) who also has opened her new studio above Paddy's store!!!

One of the Pro Store MUA's expertly applying their latest products!

Speaking at the launch in November Paddy said: “I’m beyond thrilled to be opening up a new store in Belfast as it will not only provide a greater opportunity for me and my team to increase personal rapport with clients by offering a more in depth individual make up and skincare consultation but it also means helping clients achieve the professional look at all times. In addition, I will be working more closely with Khara who is as passionate as I am when it comes to making people look their best.”

I for one am over the moon to see such a store opening here in N. Ireland, so why not take a break from your skincare/make up routine and see what the Paddy McGurgan: Pro Make Up Store has to offer!!

Paddy McGurgan Professional Make Up Pro Store: 108-112 Royal Avenue, Belfast, BT1 1DL.
For more information on Paddy visit or call 028 9043 4007

For more information on Khara visit or call 07979218456 or 028 9182 6000

Myself and fashion designer Nor Lisa at the Launch party for Paddy's Pro Make Up Store/Khara Pringle's Photographic studio!

All photographs featured were taken by, and kindly provided by Stephen Potter.

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