Bout Ye! Northern Ireland Accent Is Sexiest!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

To celebrate the Northern Ireland accent being voted the sexiest in the UK,  Elaine Livingstone, Asda’s Community LOVE Champion in Portadown, records a message of love for her Valentine on a voice-recording teddy bear!  

Continuing on with my themed Valentine's post this week, it would seen that U.S. Northern Irish folk know how to sweet talk as a new poll by Asda has revealed the NI accent is the sexiest of them all…and the Essex accent is the least.

It would seem that the dulcet tones of Liam Neeson, Jamie Dornan (who was recently topped Glamour Magazine’s ‘World’s Sexiest Man’ Poll), Christine Bleakley, Rory Mclroy, Bronagh Waugh and Eamonn Holmes have all played a part in ensuring the NI accent comes top of the popularity charts when it comes to ‘sweet talk’.

In the poll of over 2,000 people from across the UK, 17% favoured the Northern Irish accent, with the Scottish accent coming a close second at 15%. Together this means one in three claim the Celtic twang makes them feel weak at the knees.

Despite the popularity of reality show The Only Way Is Essex however it seems the Essex accent doesn’t float everyone’s boat, with only 1% rating it sexy, closely followed by the Brummie, Scouse and Mancunian twangs.

The research was conducted to launch this year’s must-have Valentine’s Day gift from Asda, a voice recording teddy bears, which allow people to make a proposal, do an impression or even confess their sins! (In my case it would be confessing all my shopping sins!)

Michael Figg, buyer at Asda, added: “We love all of our customers’ accents, but it’s clear some are more popular than others. Our new Valentine’s Day bears will mean you can share your message of love with the objection of your affection, in any accent which tickles their fancy!”
Poll Results (most sexy to least)
1.       Northern Irish
2.       Scottish
3.       Queen’s English (‘Posh’)
4.       Welsh
5.       Geordie
6.       Yorkshire
7.       West Country
8.       Cockney
9.       Scouse
10.   Mancunian
11.   Brummie
12.   Essex

So there you have it! We officially have the sexiest accent in the UK!

Massive thanks to Claire Bonner at Morrow Communications for the Press Release and all relevant imagery!

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